ONE Brand Studio

We are a brand-focused creative studio serving non-profit and corporate clients. We are lovers of vision and fans of clarity. We ask questions. We think about problems. And we design solutions to help solve them. Just imagine what we can do for you.


DJ Hurula is principal and lead creative for ONE Brand Studio. He uses design and video to build strategic solutions that answer communication challenges. Clients are relieved to learn that DJ is not a tortured artist, and as a result, suffers none of the related syndromes. He explains, “Good design may be beautiful but ultimately is not pure art because it carries requirements that do not burden the fine artist. Design is primarily a problem solving discipline. And for the record, I'm cool with that.”

His concept of branding is simple: everything matters. Each touchpoint has the potential to build up or tear down. He believes every project should have a clear focus and lead to demonstrated results. Because without results, even the best ideas amount to little more than ink on paper and pixels on screen.

DJ holds a communications degree from DePaul University in Chicago. He is a member of AIGA and believes strongly in mentoring the next generation of designers. DJ and his wife, Rebecca, have two daughters – the creative projects of which he is clearly most proud.