ONE Brand Studio

We are a brand-focused creative studio serving non-profit and corporate clients. We are lovers of vision and fans of clarity. We ask questions. We think about problems. And we design solutions to help solve them. Just imagine what we can do for you.


Based in suburban Detroit, ONE Brand Studio serves non-profit, corporate and individual clients with a focus on graphic design, digital video and new media.

The studio is led by DJ Hurula, who draws from more than 20 years experience in the field. ONE Brand Studio brings together the talents of creative professionals whose core competencies include design, copywriting, video production, audio production, web development, brand strategy and communications project management.

Too often, clients define creative firms by the products they produce – things like annual reports, logos, identities or direct mail. It’s true, we produce some really cool stuff. But we prefer to define what we do in a more strategic sense. At the most basic level, our process can be summarized in three words: clarify, connect and compel.

CLARIFY means we work with clients to make certain their goals are clear and attainable. There's no point moving forward until we've agreed on a purpose. CONNECT means we develop creative concepts with a sharp focus on audience and objective. Who matters? What do you need them to do, think, say, feel, believe or buy? Our work reflects the answers to these questions. Everything we do is designed to engage a target audience and provide them with the information and motivation they need to process the decisions they're being asked to make. COMPEL means we deliver solutions that stir the passions of your target audience. Our work helps them care about what you have to offer and act on their conviction with a purchase, donation, change of opinion or another show of support.

What’s in a name?

People ask, “Why ONE? What's the story behind your name?” Simply put, we work with one goal in mind: helping our clients achieve theirs. And we do it as a strategic partner for design and video that lead to powerful collateral, annual reports, logos and identities, advertising, donor communications, web design, displays, photography, copywriting, consulting and brand strategy.